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It’s a no-maintenance zero-waste solution. It's pest proof AND Canadian-made from 100% recycled plastic. Click here for a spec sheet and installation guide.

In 1955, Life Magazine celebrated the advent of “a garbage can you don't have to empty” also known as the Bard-Matic Garbage Eliminator named after its inventor,

Mr. Elmer Bard. Mr. Bard had solved the garbage problem. Fifty-five years later, we’re excited to bring a great and timely idea back to life.

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The digester

Go zero waste with an incredibly simple solutionthe Backyard Digester. The digester is different from a composter – meat, bones, dairy and left-overs can all go in. The digester is dug into the ground, the food waste breaks down, and the nutrients seep into the surrounding soil.

The Backyard Digester $165 or 2 for $300

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The Sun-Mar – composting made easy. Continuous composting. Easy to turn. No rats. More and more families are composting their kitchen scraps and yard waste. Composting not only keeps food out of the landfill, but produces beautiful soil to grow more food with.

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We love the Sun-Mar because it’s up off the ground and 100% pest proof.

It’s easy to load, easy to turn and compost discharges automatically right into your wheelbarrow or bucket. The Sun-Mar allows for continuous composting, which means that there is no need to wait for batches to finish.

Sun-Mar 400 $499